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Description :

Our pure, virgin and cold-pressed AVOLISSE jojoba oil in Madagascar then bottled and packaged in France is neither refined nor filtered and thus keeps all its natural active ingredients. It has a sebum-regulating action on the scalp: it regulates the production of sebum and therefore applies to the scalp. oily or oily hair, as a hair mask. It is also the ally of dry hair, to which it restores vitality and suppleness.

use :

You can use your prepoo oil or in oil care

Coat the lengths and ends, wrap with a towel, leave on overnight then shampoo.

Result :

Your hair is supple and covered

The advantages of AVOLISSE jojoba oil :
- Product tested under dermatological control
- 100% natural formula
- Rated 100/100 on Yuka

Ingredients :